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The most common questions

when starting out…

What Game Engine should I use?

How do I make a Multiplayer Game?

What movement system should I use: Character Controller or Rigidbody?

Should I make my own Assets or should I buy?

Where should I publish my game?

and the list goes on…

Games that I’ve made

Your Gamedev Shortcut

There is a shortcut, in fact! Instead of stumbling at every step and wasting hours on hours to get something working or finding out there is a better way – why not ask an expert?

You can go from free Youtube tutorial to Udemy course and then back again.
But why waste time and money for things that don’t pan out exactly how you thought they will?

If you want to save time and get to your desired results faster, why not get a Gamedev Coach?

Be it any engine from below…




or, even if you haven’t figured which one to use

What I can do for you

  • Teach you Unity, Unreal, or Godot
  • Teach you programming C#, GDScript → leveraging my Software Developer skills & knowledge
  • Get answers to your particular problems → get a custom-tailored track, specific to your own needs
  • Discover how to make Multiplayer Games → get it up & running, avoid the common mistakes and make it work
  • Find out about Artificial Intelligence → integrate proper AI in your game to bring it to life
  • Get a job in the game industry  → find out what are the steps to get into gamedev job market

Curious about my teaching style?

I created courses, tutorial series and more for both Unity and Godot

How to Make Among Us in Unity

Over 10 episodes of content that will guide you on how to make a game similar to Among Us.

Here are some highlights:

  • How to set up multiplayer in Unity
  • How to make a lobby system
  • How to make specific game tasks (Wire, Keycode, etc)
  • How to handle Lights & Animation
  • and much more…

You can check them in this youtube playlist.

This tutorial has complementary blog posts on medium for people that like the text format.


Quick & Simple Tank AI in Godot Free Course

In this course you will learn under 1 HOUR how to implement a Tank AI System that handles:

  • patrolling
  • seeking targets
  • attacking

All of this in a simple and concise way, focusing on the essential and keeping the “boring” stuff behind the scenes.


Game AI Introduction Webinar

Regardless of the game you are making – singleplayer or multiplayer, AI will bring massive benefits to it.

Most people do AI wrong. This is due to the game engines providing an easy way in that hides its complexities but at the same time puts your game on the track to mediocrity.

What happens if every game developer uses the same system? Most likely a big part will get similar results.

By learning the core concepts of Game AI you can take it to the next level and improve your AI.


Still not convinced?

I taught 100+ students in a Gamedev Club organized by me, at my University

I presented at one of the biggest Gamedev Conferences – Nordic Game Conf

I tutored students to improving their Algorithms Knowledge with great results

I did teaching livestreams of hours-long content

I used my organizing skills to host GoGodotJam, an event of over 10 000 people

One session, explained

Congrats! Once you made the choice to join the coaching, we will get started right away – you can book the time most comfortable to you.

A regular session will go through the following:

  • Discuss the issues that appeared during the development time
  • Get an overview of the current state of the project
  • Evaluate the next development steps
  • Discuss about different development approach

Our focus will be on understanding the project and come with an action plan and fixes along the way that will make it achievable.

Let’s fast track your gamedev process!

Contact me on Discord: Mithy#7718 (server)

Get started today!

Meet Adrian

I started making games in 2005. Back then, there were no game engines like Unity, Unreal, or Godot.

My experience spans more than just development. During high school I put together and led a team of game developers which participated in national gamedev contests, even won some 😀

At the university, I started a gamedev club to teach students how to develop games.

I also released games on steam, together with a team: Desertland2115, Empire of the Fallen Steel, and War of the Wasteland.

Professionally, I worked with Unity, held presentations about various gamedev topics such as pathfinding, networking, steam – even at Nordic Game Conference in Sweden.

My latest project is Redefine Gamedev, the Youtube channel focused on delivering awesome and unique gamedev content. Under REGA I organized GoGodotJam 2x times for an audience of over 10 000 people.

Now I want to share my knowledge with you, to help you reach your goals faster.

Frequently asked questions

If I’m not happy with my purchase can I get a refund?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, don’t worry. I offer a no questions asked refund. The sessions already used cannot be refunded.

What happens if we are not a great fit to work together?

I do not want to take your money without providing quality coaching. If any of us decide we are not a good fit, I will refund your purchase – no questions asked.

Will you help me implement my game?

I will help you with guidance, tips & tricks, architecture, code snippets. This coaching service is focused on delivering you as much knowledge I have, on point. I will not work directly on your game.

What specific areas of Gamedev we will cover?

Depends on each person. My specialization is in programming – generic gameplay, multiplayer, AI, etc – but I also can offer advice on marketing – how to use a video editor, how to promote your game, how to find your audience, etc.
Lastly, I also have skills in 3D Low Poly modelling in Blender.

When can we start?

As soon as possible, limited by the number of free spots I have available.

Do I need to know a Game Engine?

No. If you need advice to pick a game engine, I can help you with that. Alternatively, if you already picked one, I can help with Unity, Unreal or, Godot.

Do I need any Gamedev experience at all?

If you have less or none experience, this is exactly for you. If you don’t like wasting time on different issues that can appear when developing a game, I can burn those steps for you with my experience.